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Procedure for School Readiness assessments for children not enrolled at our Nursery School Please contact the Admissions Office on 012 991 5051 or send an e-mail to admissions@tompeo.co.za for assistance. Upon receipt of an application by a parent for a Grade 1 learner enrolment, the Admissions Office will schedule an assessment date. On the day of testing parents will be given relevant documents to complete and make the relevant testing payment. The child will be collected from the parents for assessment. The assessment takes approximately 1 hour. Upon completion of the assessment, the child will be returned to the parents. The Admissions Office will schedule an appointment with the parents to attend a feedback meeting with the Principal. At the feedback meeting, a decision on placement will be made and the relevant registration forms handed to the parents. Procedure for admission to the Nursery School Procedure for admission to the College Back to top
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