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School history During the early 90s, while in full time practise as a speech therapist, Zelna Botes saw many children who had the  potential to be developed and who could function fully if they were exposed to the right mixture of love, therapy and   education.  More and more, as my compassion for these children grew, I realized that a new vision was taking shape.  Central to this vision has always been the intention to realize the full potential of every individual child and to enable  each one to live, play and learn among mainstream peers. It was clear that we would establish a mainstream facility  without a “needs” label to enable smooth integration between young learners with specific learning challenges and  mainstream learners.  In 1996, Tomorrow’s People opened its doors for the first time as a pre-primary school. We rented school space with  one teacher, one speech therapists, one occupational therapist and 4 children! It is humbling to think back to those  small beginnings, and to see what has been accomplished since then.  We had a vision and hearts filled with faith, but the journey would prove to be a challenge. Within 8 months of opening,  we had 60 children and needed bigger premises. We moved into the first house in our Faerie Glen complex in January  1997. Over the next two years rapid expansion took place as we opened our sister school, also a pre-primary school,  on the grounds of the University of Pretoria in 1998, followed by the first intake of primary school children at our   Faerie Glen complex in 1999.  The decision to expand to primary education came as a resut of an expressed need by parents and having overcome  a number of facility challenges, we started with 12 learners. Since those early days, we have slowly added to our   Faerie Glen complex by purchasing adjacent properties and developing our facilities. It was a relief when we could  bring greater functionality to our daily operations by moving the school administration into a dedicated admin section.  15 years on, those first primary school learners are already adults, but new ones followed in their wake and again, with  the support and encouragement of parents, we introduced the Intermediate Phase. In 2010, we also introduced a  Grade 6 remedial class. This was followed by a Secondary Phase, which reached Grade 10 in 2014 and continues to  developed to the next level with the most senior class.   Our early vision has been confirmed through the consistent growth of Tomorrow’s People, which now operates under  the umbrella name of Tomorrow’s People College. The good work that the Lord has begun, He will complete.  ZELNA BOTES Principal and Executive Manager  Tomorrow's People Schools  Back to top
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