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Tomorrow’s People College is a private, mainstream school that also accommodates learners with specific needs.   Some of these learners are fully capable academically and should be encouraged to follow the mainstream  curriculum. To enable these learners, the school could recommend the appointment of an approved facilitator,  employed by the parents, to provide class room support to these learners, as well as to those in the remedial and   special needs streams. Mainstream The primary school consists of a Foundation Phase and an Intermediate Phase. Grades 1 – 3 form the Foundation Phase and Grades 4 – 6 form the Intermediate Phase. Exams are introduced in Grade 4 with a view to preparing our learners for Grade 5 and further exams. Remedial stream Learners in the remedial stream often have specific barriers to learning that with time and specialist input, such as speech and occupational therapy, can be overcome. We are thankful that over the years, we have had a significant number of remedial stream learners who were able to make the transition to mainstream education and proceed to prepare for tertiary education at university level. The remedial stream is therefore a place of hope and nurture that holds the promise of potential. LSEN  LSEN refers to Learners with Special Educational Needs. We have four LSEN classes, two affiliated to the Foundation Phase and two affiliated to the Intermediate Phase. Learners in the LSEN stream participate in all activities, such as outings and sports days, along with the phase they are affiliated to. They are fully integrated into the life of Tomorrow’s People College. Aftercare An aftercare facility is available at an additional fee to primary school learners (Grade 1 – 6). The aftercare facility is not open during school holidays. The aftercare closes at 17h30. Strict penalties are enforced for late collections. Back to top
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