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My personal vision – Zelna Botes “I close my eyes and I see a mother holding her baby, telling him how much she loves him.  I see her feeding him, changing his nappies, bathing him, washing his clothes, and later on helping him with homework, driving him to school and extra mural activities. I see her thinking about him, because she knows that one day he will do something special. She is praying for him, teaching him principles of life. She jumps up and down, encouraging him at the soccer game. She is packing a lunch box. She is working long hours to earn extra money to send him to university. Then I see her crying, sobbing while writing letters to him when he is in jail. She does not understand this turn in his life. She always believed that he is going to do something special. But deep in her heart she still believes in him and keeps on writing encouraging words to him, advising him to use this opportunity to study and plan his future. Then she rejoices, because he is released from prison, and she knows that his special time has come. She always believed that he was born to do something special. He was borg to change a nation, to leave an inheritance of freedom to the nation. He was born for destiny. She runs to him and cannot wait to embrace him. She calls out to him: ‘Madiba, my son!’ Years later I see them sitting at a coffee table, drinking coffee, eating rusks. He is telling her about the times in prison, how much he appreciated all her letters, all her words of encouragement... I open my eyes and I know: She was born for purpose. Her purpose was to raise him, to believe in him, to teach him, to encourage him. He was born for destiny, to change a nation. He could not fulfil that calling without his mother, one of the people with purpose who were placed around him. She was never concerned about the house she lived in, her clothes, or her furniture. She was concerned about his future. She knew that every time she fed him, or changed a nappy, her acts were counted as acts of righteousness. She lived out her purpose and believed in her son. I do not know anything about Mr Mandela’s mother, but I trust that this story demonstrates the difference between purpose and destiny. Tomorrow’s People have both purpose and destiny. Each learner here is born with potential; some were born with hundred fold potential, others with sixty fold and others with thirty fold. Our purpose is to develop the full potential of each learners. If a learner received sixty fold, our aim is to develop hundred percent of the sixty fold. Our destiny is to effect life change; to develop the character of a learner based on biblical values and to prepare them for their destiny. Who knows, maybe we have a future president in our midst! Or perhaps your child will one day be a good parent with moral values, who will be known for his or her integrity and who will command the respect of their family, because this too, is destiny. Tomorrow’s People ... Growing men and women. ZELNA BOTES Principal and Executive Manager Tomorrow’s People College Back to top    
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