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Extramural Activities Tomorrow’s People provide a wide range of extramural activities, presented either INTERNALLY by the school or EXTERNALLY by professional service providers. Learners are encouraged to select at least one extramural activity per term but not more than two. It is up to the learner and parents to decide which activities, but it is important to select activities that do not clash, as no changes will be made to the dates and times of activities. To register for extramural activities presented by the school A letter listing the availabe extramural activities is sent out at the beginning of each shcool year. This letter stipulates the dates and times of both INTERNAL and EXTERNAL extramural acitivities. Parents and learners are required to study the activities time table and select maximum two activities per term that do not clash. To enrol you child for INTERNAL activities, simply complete the reply slip received with the letter and return to admissions@tompeo.co.za. Space for some INTERNAL activities is limited. Should you wish to withdraw from an activity presented by the school, please send an e-mail to Gail Murray at admissions@tompeo.co.za, so that learners on the waiting list can be accommodated in a future term. Our INTERNAL activities are presented by teachers and are free, except for the Art Club, where a small fee is charged to cover consumables. The following INTERNAL extramural activities are available: Nursery School College Active Kids Choir Mickey Maths African Drumming Music Art Club EXTERNAL activities are presented by service providers who charge a professional fee. Contact details of these service providers are available at Reception. To enrol your child for these activities, parents must contact the service provider directly. Parents enter into an agreement with the service provider and accounts are settled directly with the service provider. The following EXTERNAL extramural activities are available: Nursery School Dance Mouse Ballet Judo (Gr R only) Pottery RuggaKids College Chess Dance Mouse (Primary) Dance Madness (Secondary) Guitar Judo Pottery Back to top
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