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Events Events at Tomorrow’s People are presented in accordance with a fixed year programme given out at the beginning of each year. This is to assist our parents when planning business trips or other events that coincide with the school term, to avoid clashes with learners’ interests as far as possible. A brief description of each event is provided below: Nursery School Nursery School Dress up: story character Learners dress up as their favourite story book character as a means of giving flight to their imagination. Parent Evenings Parents are invited to visit their child’s class, view work that has been done and discuss problems or concerns with the class teacher. Grandparents’ picnic Grandparents and children meet for an hour of special fun and picnic time together; if grandparents have more than one grandchild to attend to, they move between classes. Some of the Nursery School Teachers dress as grandparents, and if a learner does not have grandparents, they have picnic with the teacher. Open Day for Grade R learners planning to enrol at Tomorrow’s People College for Grade 1 This is a dedicated open day for parents with children in the Nursery School, who wish to enrol them for Grade 1. There is no automatic transfer between Nursery, Primary and Secondary School; at each step, parents must give official notice to one entity and apply to the new entity. The day is informative and helpful, as parents have to adjust their interaction and expectations regarding the approach followed in the primary school environment. I want to be a … when I grow up Learners are encouraged to dream about what career they want to follow and dress up accordingly; again, an opportunity to let their imagination run free. Grade R Graduation An important milestone for the little ones moving on to Grade 1! It is a late afternoon event and photos are taken in proper academic gowns and hats. Christmas Party Parent s are required to send a gift to school for their own child, ahead of the occasion. The little ones then enjoy a fun morning and are surprised when they received gifts. Concert Every second year, the Nursery Schools (Faerie Glen, Hatfield and now also Mamelodi) come together for a spectacular concert. We have perfected the art of hosing a fun morning for parents to enjoy their little ones on stage, within the space of one hour! The concert is held on a Saturday morning when the children are at their best and this concert always draws a full house! College Cake and Candy Each Grade has a scheduled date to sell “Cake and Candy” for fundraising purposes. Learners in a grade bring portions of eats to school and the rest of the school supports them. Unofficially, this is a serious competition between grades! Entrepreneurs’ Days – Grades 7, 8 & 9 Learners in the Senior grades get the opportunity to put their business skills to the test. They have to draw up a business plan, do marketing for their product and service and offer it to the rest of the school from their own designed and decorated table stall. Parent Evenings Parents are invited to visit their child’s class, view work that has been done and discuss problems or concerns with the class teacher. Fun Day – Primary School Learners are divided into the four colour teams of the school. The event is held at a nearby park and consists of various team activities that tie in with the school curriculum. Outings Learners enjoy 4 outings per year, one per quarter,  through visits to interesting places. We arrange outings to science expos, nature conservancies, places of historical interest and in the fourth quarter, the whole school attends the annual concert presented by the Johannesburg Theatre. There is also an annual two-night camp for the Intermediate Phase and a 5-day tour for the Senior School. Parents of learners with facilitators must pay the expenses of the facilitators. Open Days Regular “mini open days” are held on Friday mornings for prospective new parents. Enquiries in this regard can be directed to Gail Murray at admissions@tompeo.co.za . These open days consist of an information session presented by the school principal, followed by a tour of the school. Thereafter parents can discuss further enquiries with Gail Murray. IP Starlight Movie Night / SP Dance Learners in the Intermediate Phase are treated to a starlight movie evening on a weekday. A film with positive values is projected on a “big screen” in the tennis court. The Senior School enjoy a dance on the same evening. Both events are well attended and monitored by teaching staff. Grade 6 Outing The Grade 6 learners traditionally enjoy an outing to Bela Bela Waterworld for a day of fun in the sun. Grade 6 Valediction Learners in Grade 6 are on the brink of young adulthood. The valediction is a prestigious event attended by the learners and their parents (no other family members are invited). A venue is hired and learners get a small taste of a “smart evening out”. They are honoured for their position as “seniors” in the primary school, but also encouraged for the new phase lying ahead, as senior school learners. Prize Giving Ceremonies The Senior School prize giving ceremony is an evening event following the Grade R Graduation. The Primary School prize giving ceremony takes place the following morning, on the last school day of the year. The choirs perform at the prize giving ceremonies and learners who are in the choirs must therefore be at shcool until the last day of the school year. Combined events for College and Nursery School Friendship Day Traditionally celebrated on the 14th of February, the school does not emphasise romantic involvement but use the day to encourage learners to acknowledge and appreciate their friends.   Fun Day – All This fun day is held at nearby church grounds and takes the format of a “morning fair” with fun activities and lots of food on sale. The idea is to provide an opportunity for the greater Tomorrow’s People family to spend a morning together and get to know each other better. Golf Day The Golf Day is an important event on our fundraising calender. We are currently looking for a new anchor sponsor and invite any interested businesses to contact Daleen Snyman on admin@tompeo.co.za for more information. All the funds raised through the Golf Day is paid to the Tomorrow’s People Community Trust. Please click here for more information. Culture Evening The Culture Evening is an event designed to give our talented performers an opportunity to share their talents on stage. A variety of music and other items are performed by groups and individuals and we also host an art exhibition to display the creative talent of our learners. Honouring Days A school is a dynamic organisation requiring many different teams to make it work. We have dedicated “honouring days” for these teams. Parents are invited to do something special for the various eams, or just send a note expressing appreciation for the work that is done. Colleagues and learners also participate and encourage those personnel who are being honoured. SPUR Evenings In collaboration with SPUR, families are invited to enjoy a meal at the same SPUR on a pre-determined Tuesday. SPUR pays 10% of the turnover back to the school as a fundraising initiative. Back to top
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