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Procedure for admission to the College Please contact the Admissions Office on 012 991 5051 or send an e-mail to admissions@tompeo.co.za for assistance. Applicants are placed on a waiting list and enrolment will be subject to the following admission process: Requirements for admission include the following documentation: o completion of registration forms provided by the Admissions Office o registration forms accompanied by: a copy of the birth certificate of the learner 2x coloured ID photos of the learner a copy of the relevant medical aid card and main member’s ID copies of any relevant reports, for example from audiologists, speech or occupational therapists, educational psychologists etc. a copy of the learner’s most current school report contact details of the learner’s current school and class teacher Assessment for admission is subject to the following: o completion and return of all required documentation o availability of space in the relevant grade o a class assessment o a final interview with the principal o a school readiness assessment in the case of a Grade 1 learner. Credit assessment o your signed registration form and letter authorise Tomorrow’s People College to carry out credit checks with licensed credit agencies o should the credit check  highlight credit history anomalies, admisson to Tomorrow’s People College may be denied, subject to certain conditions, such as pre-payment of School Fees. o in the case of Foreign Nationals, the Tomorrow’s People College Foreigner Debtor’s Policy applies. Confirmation of acceptance o confirmation of acceptance will be in writing o in the case of applications for the following school year, we endeavour to confirm admissions before the end of term 3. Procedure for School Readiness assessments for children not enrolled at our Nursery School Procedure for admission to the Nursery School Back to top
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