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Bullying We as educators always keep the school’s vision in front of us: Tomorrow’s People... Growing men and women! One of the biggest problems in schools world-wide is bullying. We have been pondering this phenomenon and have attended a number of presentations on this ,as well as read widely on the topic. Why do children bully each other? According to Rude Awakenings: Overcoming the Civility Crisis in the Workplace (Dearborn Trade, 2002), 78% of respondents to one study reported aggressive and disrespectful behaviour in the workplace. Their conclusion was that there is a real need to create a work environment filled with courtesy, self-restraint and respect. This inspired us to choose HONOURING as a life theme, to run as a golden thread through all our business operations and school activities. We have decided to put emphasis on “showing good manners”, “anger management” and “showing kindness”. The teachers regularly touch on this in the assembly times and during life orientation. To give opportunities for expression, we introduced honouring days for the teachers, therapists, cleaners and gardeners, admin staff and the children. On those days, we give hugs, smiles, flowers or small gifts and notes of encouragement. We use every opportunity to teach the learners, and ourselves, to make the right decisions: Choose to respect the other person. Choose to control your anger. Choose to be kind. Choose to talk about the problem. If the problem is not solved, choose to tell the teacher/ a supervisory staff member. Every new learner receives a welcome certificate and we honour our new learners by acknowledging the good character traits we see in them. We continually encourage learners to identify an adult who displays the principles of honouring in their own life as a type of role model. The lack of honouring in our society is evident and at Tomorrow’s People, we give priority to growing men and women who will understand the basic principle of honouring and make it an integral life value going forward. Back to top
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