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Admissions Please click on the links below to read through the steps in the processes for School Readiness testing, admission to the Nursery School and admission to the College. All enquiries regarding admissions are to be addressed to the Admissions Office, Mrs Gail Murray, on 012 991 5051 or admissions@tompeo.co.za. Procedure for School Readiness assessments for children not enrolled at our Nursery School Procedure for admission to the Nursery School Procedure for admission to the College Disciplinary Code The disciplinary process is educative, corrective, fair and just. The process will be embedded in love, dignity, respect and support.  Educators are responsible for discipline at the school and during school related activities. It is the responsbility of each educator to correc the behaviour of students whenever it is necessary. Serious misconduct will be referred to the principal and in extreme cases, to the Board. The parents will be informed and be involved in the correction of the child. CORPORAL PUNISHMENT IS NOT ALLOWED. It is the goal of Tomorrow’s People College to bring a learner to the realisation and understanding that responsibility will lead to freedom and that actions have consequences. An incentive programme will motivate the learner toward learning and good behaviour. THE REWARD WILL SUIT THE GOOD BEHAVIOUR THE PUNISHMENT WILL SUIT THE OFFENCE Back to top
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