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Tomorrow’s People College is a mainstream school where smooth integration takes places between mainstream learners and learners with specific learning difficulties and where the full potential of every individual child is realised, in mainstream, remedial and special needs contexts. This model was developed by Zelna Botes, a qualified speech therapist with a post-graduate diploma in remedial education. She realised that many of her patients had the potential to function fully if they were exposed to the right mixture of love, therapy and education. The vision of the school is therefore to develop each child’s potential to the fullest. Some are born with 100-fold potential, some with 60-fold and others with 30-fold. Our aim is to develop a 100% of the 100-fold, 100% of the 60-fold and 100% of the 30-fold. Tomorrow’s People College accommodates nursery school, primary school and secondary school learners. In 2016, the first Grade 12 learners will write their final school exams. Classes do not exceed 18 learners in the mainstream and 15 learners in the remedial and special needs streams. As an independent school, we operate with autonomy and are able to set our own strategic directions. We support technology in education with smart boards and the use of tablets. We have authority to make curriculum and other decisions that best cater for our learners. We are able to select staff, manage our own financial affairs, set our own school development year programmes, as well as manage school utilities and repairs ourselves. Being a diverse, multi-cultural school, we are aware that ethnicity, background and changes to family composition, as well as the varied abilities of children affect parents’ expectations of what should be included in the school experience. Our educators receive regular input to train and motivate them to understand the diverse profiles of the children they teach. We are most proud of our children when they reach measurable milestones according to our vision of developing their full potential. Tomorrow’s People College is conveniently situated in Faerie Glen, within reach of major feeder routes. Back to top
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